Epiphany bathing in Moscow into the water plunged more than 50 thousand people

during Epiphany bathing in the Holy lake, in Moscow, one of the women okunuvshis in the water needed help. According to the press service of the Department for civil defence, emergencies and fire safety of Moscow, the 40-year-old woman after bathing became ill.

Out of the water, she staggered. It was noticed by rescuers, they picked up the woman and handed to the ambulance crew.

Borisov ponds night rescued three men fell through the ice while attempting to cross the pond. They fell into five meters from the shore. With cuts hands on the ice and signs of frostbite raised them aboard the rescue hovercraft and handed to doctors, reports RIA Novosti.

It happened at 1:20. The place where the incident occurred, was not equipped for Epiphany bathing. In this regard, rescuers recalled: swimming is allowed only in the equipped places, observing safety rules and staying on the thin ice of reservoirs.

about 10 o’clock Sunday morning to basins and reservoirs in Moscow came more than 87 thousand people, approximately 53 million of them bathed, noted in the Department for civil defence, emergencies and fire safety. Most people — almost ten thousand — came to a Holy lake, more than five thousand people came to the ponds in Sokolniki and southern Butovo.

Swimming continues, and we expect a new influx of people to the baptismal font and water. Just this year in the capital equipped with 46 places for Epiphany bathing. Swimming began yesterday at six o’clock and will end at 18:00 today, January 19.

Orthodox Christians on January 19 celebrate Epiphany (Epiphany) is a celebration of the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan. Last year in Epiphany bathing in Moscow was attended by 190 thousand people. It is expected that this time the number of participants will exceed 200 thousand.