Escaped from the hospital, the homeless man with a coronavirus found at the station

Escaped from the hospital a patient with a coronavirus COVID-19 in the Pskov region was found. Homeless after escaping from the hospital returned to its natural habitat. Police found the fugitive at the station in Pskov.

the Clochard was again isolated, said the Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov. Currently awaiting the court’s decision on it. According to Vedernikov, in connection with the pandemic coronavirus in the field periodically arise which require prompt judicial resolution of the situation. The residents of the Pskov region does not always agree on hospitalization and hospitalization of their relatives diagnosed with the coronavirus, suspected COVID-19 or in pneumonia, the Governor said Vedernikov at the meeting of the Pskov regional operational headquarters, which was broadcast Pskov information Agency.

may 22, in the Pskov region tests confirmed 541 cases of the coronavirus. During the day the number of infected has increased by 29 patients. 185 recovered. Unfortunately 10 people died.

Governor of the region Mikhail Vedernikov gave a recommendation to the courts in terms of the coronavirus pandemic to establish the duty, if necessary, to make judicial decisions on involuntary admission quickly, within a few hours.