Estonia refuses to ratify border Treaty with Russia

the Ruling Estonian coalition will not ratify a border Treaty with Russia, said the speaker of Parliament Henn Billwas.

Speaking about the possibility to conclude a new border Treaty, according to which Tallinn will abandon Ivangorod and Pechora district of the Pskov region (territories ceded to Estonia under the Tartu peace Treaty of 1920 and returned after the entry of Estonia into the USSR), Pillais warned that it will have a huge legal consequences.

Thus, according to him, will be cancelled and the Tartu peace Treaty, Estonia will lose the succession that will automatically entail a change in the composition of citizens and other consequences. “This is an extremely dangerous path”, — quotes the words of the speaker “Interfax”.

a Border Treaty between Estonia and the Russian Federation on 18 February 2014 was signed by the foreign Ministers of the two countries Urmas Paet and Sergei Lavrov. However, the parliaments of the two countries the document is not yet ratified.

Russia has repeatedly salali that the territorial claims of Tallinn unacceptable. The head of the Duma international Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky January 2, called the words of the Chairman of Parliament of Estonia on the Tartu Treaty of 1920 invalid and unacceptable.