Europe warns that the removal of restrictions is not an invitation to travel

Someone, can’t wait to remove the restrictions, but for someone this is somewhere and stress again to go out after such a terrible break, whether early?.. In this sense, it is interesting to see what happens to us in the near East and Northern Europe. Announced that not only Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania took off between control, but Poland can take with them of internal border controls. Well, it a virus came a few weeks earlier than in Russia, and we all remember what unintentional mistakes of the Europeans considered Russia, “taking” COVID-19 at home.

In training Jurmala “Spartak” not keeping a safe distance. The first time the red-whites took to the field under the new, relaxed, rules. Athletes from 14 countries all quarantine held in Latvia, the relationship with the Russian coach Alexei Eremenko — on video.

“non-contact workout is one thing, but football is quite another. Of course, everyone is happy. I’m positively surprised that athletes have good form, it could be worse” — says Eremenko.

that Jurmala “Spartak” — the command of Primorsko, says even the emblem. But while all sports matches is illegal. The President of club Edgars gauracs found out — the team travels to international friendlies in neighbouring Estonia and Lithuania. The Baltic States first in Europe opened their borders.

“it’s allowed, and many clubs from Latvia go to the nearest Estonia or Lithuania, reserve fields, referees and conduct matches between themselves. Latvian clubs play together in the territory of neighbouring countries, but there are no other options,” he said gauracs.

These bleachers will be empty and a half weeks — June 15 season begins. For the matches I plan to put 300 people respecting the distance.

the Issue with the audience, and not just football, all countries decide their own way. In Denmark, the fans are watching matches from the comfort of the car. Live from the stadium — at the drive-in. In the last match toAmanda “Midtjylland” so was attended by 8 thousand fans.

And this is the final of the Cup of Hungary. At the stadium “Ferenc puskás” let 10 thousand people, but the restrictions were planning strict: temperature measurement at the entrance, mask and compliance with distances in four seats. But in practice it turned out quite differently. The winners of the first the whole team produced was kissing the trophy, then give it to the fans. And this, not to mention the hugs and the handshakes. But the matches of the Russian Premier League also plan to hold with the audience.

Probably the most important sign of returning to normal life — planes in the sky. But while the Riga airport takes only 12 scheduled flights per day. About how much time it will take to complete the restoration of the volume of air traffic in Europe, there are different opinions. Some hope for a “soft landing” is to restore the former number of flights in August. Others call even 2023.

the Speed at which the aircraft will rise back into the air depends on open borders. While the United Europe looks exactly the opposite: every country has their own rules, even in the Schengen area. So, the German authorities are going to allow travel to 29 countries and I stress the removal of restrictions is not an invitation to travel.

“I understand that this decision raises hopes, but I want to emphasize once again warning of the dangers of travel are not restricted and tips for traveling are not an invitation to the country,” said zajko Maas, Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany.

Denmark and Norway have excluded Sweden from the agreement on the free movement of people, which runs from mid-June. Today in the 10 million Swedish mortality per capita is 4.5 times higher than Denmark and 9 times — Norway. This disorder in the region for the first time in 70 years, after passport control on the borders in Scandinavia was canceled long before the advent of Schengen, in the 50’s.

And this is the Balkans. Northern Macedonia. There, on the contrary, re-enter quarantine. In Skopje and 7 more cities curfew. The first case of infection COVID – 19 in the country was recorded at the end of February. On the easing of restrictive measures, the government announced recently, on may 26. And that’s a direct result of: rapid growth of the number infected. Authorities called it new wave.

“New wave is a result of a breach by the population of the precautions and also the lack of any penalty for it. The virus will not go away by itself, and it was important to make people aware of what is happening,” said Vanco Filipce, Minister of health Northern Macedonia.

the Quick return to his former way of life will not be — is something that all of Europe agrees.

“We are already in March of control our team is for disinfection. We try not to visit any place, we have a base, we provide food to athletes hasn’t gone anywhere. Before the championship we go through all the testing. I hope that everything will be all right,” said Edgars gauracs.

a state of emergency in Latvia shall cease to have effect on 9 June. Restrictions will remain, and those that are canceled, according to the authorities, if necessary, can quickly back.