Even in the registry office, at least in the gym: the final stage of the removal of restrictions in Moscow

In Moscow on Tuesday, June 23, began a new, third phase of the lifting of restrictions. Again earned kindergartens. Bars, cafes and restaurants are now allowed visitors not only on street verandas, but in the halls. On the Moscow river was opened navigation, and athletes were allowed to attend gyms and swimming pools. As the capital returns to normal rhythm of life?

5 square meters for a swimmer — these are the new rules for pools. Special attention to water — it passed through a four-stage filter.

the property’s baths and sauna until three, but the CPS went to meet the athletes, have allowed personal and group training. Managing a fitness club Eugene Tents said:

the Trainer in conducting either personal training or group exercise, as it actively deals, you can conduct a lesson without a mask.

the rest of the time staff are obliged to wear protection, but to do it or not — the customer decides for himself.

Treadmills are working through one. The same picture with lockers in the locker rooms. Between equipment safe five feet.

the previously Announced mandatory entry training was canceled, but the crowd is impossible. In one of the capital’s clubs visitors to the zone passes the electronic system. If cardio in the gym or the pool a lot of people, doors will not open.

In restaurants and cafes — an unusually crowded. To eat and drink a Cup of coffee can not only summer terrace, but in the hall, but first disinfection.

Not all businesses were able to survive simple and left the market. Those who are still open, hoping for a good stream of visitors.

so far, no banquets and large companies. At a table with a maximum of six people.

the long-Awaited news for parents — kindergartens from June 23 to work as usual.

Changed the algorithm of work of preschool institutions. A child with symptoms of SARS the group will not be allowed. Area, toys, tables and chairs every hour treated with an antiseptic.

“before the arrival of children in kindergartens is a mandatory General cleaning of all rooms in the building, all equipment, disinfect common areas, playgrounds and sports grounds”, — said the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

In the capital — the final stage of the removal of restrictions. Finally opened the Zaryadye Park and has already become a famous “floating” bridge. Yet people here are allowed small groups. All walks are strictly counterclockwise. Floating bridge Muscovites today admiring the parade of ships. River navigation, albeit with a serious delay, open.

In the parks again, you can sit on the benches — the forbidden tape was removed from outdoor fitness equipment and playgrounds.

In the capital’s registry office wedding carried out again, a waltz by Mendelssohn and with the guests. MFTS take visitors without an appointment. The door opened centres of social service, though popular with retirees program “Moscow longevity” is to go online.