So now I had it too. Corona. It’s strange, after two and a half years, to get this disease in the name of which our society has been almost eerily shut down. One has seen so many frightening visualizations of the spiky monster virus in this time that one is very surprised – that I was very surprised not to have been turned into an alien by contagion.

I didn’t get any green bumps either, I was still absolutely myself – just very cold. This lasted for four days, with a noticeable sore throat. Surprisingly, in my case, home remedies helped against the symptoms: a neck wrap, hot lemon, nose drops, Wick Medinait.

Certainly the course of my illness was so favorable because I am generally healthy and in particular have been vaccinated three times. But I also know unvaccinated people who described more or less the same clinical picture. You can inquire about the symptoms and experiences of others at the moment, because it feels like every second person is currently ill or was recently ill.

If ever there was a “wave,” we have it now. The number of infections that the consistently overwhelmed Robert Koch Institute is still publishing can safely be thrown away: not 100,000 or 200,000 people are infected every day, but it could be twice as many, or even more.

The panic is still limited, for several reasons. First of all, horror numbers are no longer announced every day and on all channels in a somber voice, because the media makers themselves are so terrified when they can say “getting worse”.

Second, the war in Ukraine shows us every day that there are even more existential problems. Thirdly, a lot of people who have got to know the disease personally can now have a say. And they found out that the diagnosis of Corona does not immediately let the brain crumble away.

Rather, responsible adults remain able to behave sensibly, which means: If you sniffle, drip and cough, it is better not to go visit your eighty-year-old parents. Instead, you go to bed and recover – because it is good for you and because you don’t want to infect your co-workers.

For all these “measures” you don’t need any government regulations, no official quarantine, no school closures and no lockdown. Apparently, the Federal Government’s commission of experts has not found any empirical evidence for any of these restrictions on freedom. How could she?

There were hardly any accompanying studies on the individual measures; there is no representative antibody study to date. The Minister of Health and the Robert Koch Institute were only interested in empiricism and “evidence” if they served to scare the public.

Or, as the green health politician Janosch Dahmen puts it frankly: “The absence of evidence of effectiveness is not evidence of the absence of effectiveness.” This type of authoritarian dialectic is now opposed to the evidence of a disease that millions of citizens have had themselves and survived.