In South Sudan rages on since nearly four years of civil war. In the meantime, four million people living in the youngest state of the world are on the run – that’s about a third of the entire population. The war plunged the East African country into a hunger crisis, six million people do not have enough to eat. But at the end of the power struggle between supporters of President Salva Kiir, from the Dinka, and supporters of his former Deputy, Riek Machar of the Nuer is not in sight.

the girl had a massive impact on Hunger and violence

the Main victims of the conflict, the civilian population, and it will hit hardest, as is often the case, the children. You provide more than half of the Refugees. Especially girls are massively affected by Hunger, trauma and violence, as the study “adolescent girls in crisis regions: voices from South Sudan,” the child relief Agency Plan International. Two million girls and women sexualized violence threatens to official estimates.

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For the study, were interviewed according to Plan International in the past year at five locations in South Sudan, a total of 249 girls and young women aged ten to 19 years. In addition, 28 of the discussion were organised in rounds, each with about ten participants from the focus group. In 32 Interviews with community leaders and other representatives of civil society had been consulted.

26 percent of the surveyed girls and young women said, therefore, to have in the past year think about suicide. Every third girl said to be due to the escalating violence ever physically wounded. And 13 percent of the respondents had survived a kidnapping.

76 percent often go to bed hungry

in Order to escape a forced marriage against the bride’s money and to relieve the burden on your family financially, you need to work some of the girls, according to the study, about their physical boundaries, for example, by collecting firewood and selling it. The biggest Concerns of the Interviewees, the fear of early marriage and violence had been – right up to death anxiety. 76 percent also said that they often go to bed hungry. Similarly, they reported that their families had no money to buy them menstrual products, such as Bind.

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The faces of exhaustion and despair to show: After several days of walking through the swamp region of the Sudd, a group of women and children, reached the village Ngueny, where helpers of the United Nations Post

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“the scale of The suffering that came in this study revealed, is alarming,” the Chairman of the Board of Plan International Germany, Maike Röttger said. “The humanitarian aid in South Sudan must be better to the needs of adolescent girls in a tailored, otherwise you are at the mercy of violence and traumatisation vulnerable. Girls also need to be able to regions in crisis to safely go to school, and before that, to be protected, that your parents make, you Need a source of income.”

The literacy rate in South Sudan is one of the lowest in the world. Only 16 percent of girls over 15 years can read and write. Due to the conflict, the economy of the oil-rich country is broke. Rising food and fuel prices are putting the population under pressure.

South Sudan was in 2011 by the Sudan independent. About 13,000 blue helmet soldiers try to stabilize the country.

star-Reportage of East Africa Hunger and violence: How the people of South Sudan to Survive

fighting It is not the drought, the people in South Sudan are starving to death. It’s the bloody struggles for Power, money and Oil. A journey to the centre of the disaster – to the Needy, and those who try to help.