Exam no pupils in Voronezh rehearsed final testing

the Exams without the main participants of the schoolchildren. Today a test run was conducted in the Voronezh region. According STRC “Voronezh”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, the organizers it was important to rehearse the most important event in the life of every graduate. This year it will be held in the new epidemiological conditions.

All details are important. The time it will take to ensure that the graduates took their places in accordance with the required precautions, the readiness of equipment. Seating in a staggered manner and at a safe distance. The number of subjects, both in class – no more than 8 people. Before the beginning sound instruction, too, is devoted to the observance of the sanitary-epidemiological rules. Each will measure the temperature. All with sanitizer for hands. Masono-glove mode are required to comply with the organizers only.

Today, the whole process rehearsed to 100%. At 10am Kima printed – right in the audience, under the cameras. Tested the work site smotriege.ru is there for the test can be monitored online. To pass the final test this year will have 11 thousand young Voronezh.

New features of this year: humanitarians may not pass math, if it is not required for admission to the University. But if a graduate does not plan to do this year, you can defer the exam for next summer. The main stage of the exams will start on 3 July. There are additional period — in August.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”