Exclusive: Murashko called the timing of the emergence of vaccines against coronavirus

When a vaccine for the coronavirus appears on the pharmaceutical market? How far along in creating effective drug from COVID-19 Russian scientists? It is low compared to many countries the mortality rate in Russia from a new infection? The answers to these questions Minister of health Michael Murashko gave an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

Hello, Michael Albertovich. Speaking in the Duma, you said that the vaccine against coronavirus may appear in the last decade of July. As far as these terms still relevant?

— Today, several developers are conducting their research in this direction. Already there are preclinical trials. Everything is going according to schedule until no failures no. We expect the first results and access for wider application should appear somewhere at the end of July.

Is the vaccine, which is engaged in Novosibirsk “Vector”?

— It is several and public, there are private companies that are working on vaccines. Someone a little further from the final, someone a little closer.

— That is we get a few vaccines and will be able to understand which one is better?

— We would like to our market there are a few vaccines. It’s always a competitive advantage and, accordingly, it is possible to compare the quality. The vaccine is a very subtle product, which shows itself in the use in the population, including in the following steps. The observation of this drug goes many months or years.

— what is the current situation with the doctors? All have already received the required premiums?

— in fact, by the 15th day all the money has been paid. We have created a special resource in order to make sure that happened. This is a resource that allows through the website of the state health employee to request and receive clarification, put it these payments or not. This resource has started to work already, got about ten thousand hits.

— Any of the insurance guarantee provided for health workers?

Yes. The President signed the decree, and all the health workers perceived it as a concern, that insurance compensation in case of adverse events. We see that the number of applications even for just a few days has already reached more than 1.2 thousand. In case, if there is an adverse outcome with fatal, in this situation conducted a special investigation and payment receive relatives health worker in full. This amount is more than 2 million 700 thousand rubles.

— Many people ask, but still why such a relatively low mortality rate in us compared to other countries? You have this question the answer of some is?

Russia had a time period to prepare. The country has a system of compulsory medical insurance, which covers medical expenses for every citizen and working and non-working.

— What are the consequences of coronavirus may occur in the future?

— the disease, especially when it affects the lung tissue, of course, leaves a certain mark — it reduces lung capacity. The volume of rehabilitation measures depends on the amount of damage to the lung tissue, including compensatory abilities of the body he uses in the fight. For severe lesions must undergo rehabilitation courses. Of course, under such situations, there are complex events that allows you to recover the function of the lungs in full.

— Thank you for the conversation.