Exhibition dedicated to Marshal Zhukov, was opened in the capital of the Urals

In Yekaterinburg opened an exhibition dedicated to Marshal Zhukov. It presents more than thirty rare books, many of which are written by locals. Publication designed to tell young people about the role of Marshal in the military life of the country.

“the task of Stalin: “Zhukov, today the main problem – nuclear weapons States. In the Urals nuclear city of Novouralsk, Forest, lighthouse. Your task forces spectroflame to build these plants.” And beetles at the end of his service, in 54 in, holds on Totsky range first military testing of nuclear weapons,” – says doctor of historical Sciences, Director of the Center for the history of the Sverdlovsk region Anatoly Kirillov.

to Open the exhibition was decided on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, “Vesti Ural”. Despite the fact that many books and manuscripts submitted in a single copy, they will issue a read for everyone.

the Exposition is divided by the organizers, only the beginning. This year’s planned many other activities: historical quests, lectures, tours, dedicated to Georgy Zhukov. And while historians and for myself continue to discover new facts.

“We found an interesting cultural object – a stone, who loved to be photographed beetles in the village of Pochinok under Novouralsk. We have agreed with local veterans that we are there all ready, will also improve. And on this stone appears the inscription “a Stone of Marshal of the Victory”, – said the Chairman of the Board G. K. Zhukov Anatoliy Voitenko.

Text: STRC “Ural”