Every month, museums and art galleries offer us exhibitions. To help you plan your next outing with family, as a couple or even alone, Planet has selected unmissable exhibitions to see right now or in the coming days. Here is our program.

From April 4, 2024 and until January 5, 2025, the Cinémathèque Française invites you to immerse yourself in the exceptional worlds of the most profitable man in Hollywood, through the exhibition: “The Art of James Cameron”. Visitors will be able to discover his story, his life and his achievements, through numerous rare pieces from the filmmaker’s private collection, exhibited for the very first time.

You can explore almost six decades of cinema, through cult films like Titanic, Terminator or Avatar, to understand the trajectory of the ideas that gave life to these films.

Through interactive devices, visitors have the opportunity to discover the personal world of James Cameron. Indeed, you will be able to immerse yourself in the intimate reflections of the director, who expresses himself both in writing and orally.

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In total, more than 300 original works are presented to the public. Drawings, accessories, including costumes, photographs or 3D devices designed or adapted by Cameron. An unmissable exhibition full of surprises to absolutely note in your cultural calendar for the month of April!

From April 6 to September 8, 2024, Nicolas Eekman, Dutch painter and engraver, is in the spotlight at the Museum of Flanders. This retrospective on this forgotten painter of the 20th century. The exhibition offers the public the opportunity to discover more than eighty works by this artist.

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The exhibition “The Fabulous World of Nicolas Eekman” invites you to explore a surprising universe. Through his works, you will discover a fantastic and unbridled world, reinterpreting the masterpieces of the artistic geniuses of the early 16th century.

In our slideshow below, Planet invites you to explore 13 other exhibitions, scattered across all regions of France.