What exhibitions to discover during the month of May? With the many bridges and public holidays to come, the museums risk being taken by storm! It is therefore wise to choose and book your visit as early as possible. Here are our selections to guide you:

Until August 18, 2024, the Army Museum in Paris will introduce you to “Duels, the art of combat”. In this exhibition with multiple themes, the art of dueling is explored in various facets.

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From epic clashes between mythical figures such as David and Goliath, to modern confrontations like Federer against Nadal on the tennis courts.

The duel is a form of programmed, ritualized, even choreographed and legitimized violence: it responds to a protocol which, depending on the era and the country, has been more or less authorized. Always anchored in our society, it has crossed the ages, even if depending on the era, the country, and reason, these singular combats will be applauded or proscribed, and practiced in different ways.

“Duels, the art of combat” offers you an overview of these different customs, starting with the origins of the duel, from its original purpose to its fantasized image in the 21st century.

To complete the experience of the exhibition “Duels. The art of combat”, the Army Museum also offers a program of captivating lectures, accessible free of charge, entitled “Duels and duelists, from Antiquity to the present day” .

This cycle of conferences, produced in partnership with the Permanent University of Paris, immerses you in a selection of confrontations and emblematic characters throughout history. From the political and parliamentary duels of the Revolution to the Defferre-Ribière affair of 1967, including the ethics and chivalrous representations of the Renaissance, each conference is led by renowned experts.

A selection of six feature films also invites you to discover the different cinematographic interpretations of the duel theme. Major works, such as Title and Dragon by Ang Lee, Ridicule by Patrice Leconte, or The Last Duel by Ridley Scott, promise you epic confrontations and legendary face-to-faces. These screenings are accessible free of charge, upon reservation.

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