ANOSACANTEIRA Shines in International Football Tournaments

ANOSACANTEIRA had a successful weekend across various friendly tournaments held in Spain, France, and Poland. The Alevín A team emerged as the brilliant champions of the San Bernabé Tournament, with goalkeeper Roque being recognized as the best player. Meanwhile, in the same competition, the Cadet and San Tirso SD Cadet teams reached the semifinals in their respective categories.

Another team that clinched a gold medal over the weekend was the Fabril FC Benjamín, who secured victory in the Tecnorenova Cup at the A Magdalena field in Vilalba. In Poland, the Benjamín A team claimed the bronze medal at the Sokolik Cup after a stellar final phase performance, which included a victory over Liverpool. Deportivista Yago Prieto was selected in the tournament’s ideal seven.

At the Azpeitia Cup, the Fabril FC Alevín team narrowly missed out on the semifinals, being eliminated in the Second Phase due to goal difference. The San Tirso SD Infantil team fell in the round of 16 of the Tournoui International de Guerlèdan 2024 in Pontivy, France.

Lastly, on Saturday, the Infantil team finished as runners-up in the International Caldaria Tournament in Cenlle, Ourense. The results were as follows:

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In conclusion, ANOSACANTEIRA showcased outstanding performances across multiple international tournaments, with notable victories and commendable achievements by various teams. The weekend was a testament to the talent and dedication of the players, coaches, and staff involved in the club’s success.