Experience working with COVID-19 physicians deem the scheme a day for three

Experience working with kovid-sick doctors of Chuvash Republic will count on a formula day three. The President instructed the relevant Ministry to amend the calculation of pension seniority. In the Republic COVID-19 employs more than 1,800 medical professionals, a third of whom are doctors.

Thus, informs GTRK “Chuvashiya” doctors of the region, which in the period of the pandemic on the coronavirus worked in the infectious diseases hospitals have the right to gain experience. One working day, be it a hospital, ambulance or clinic, is three days of work. Data on number of days worked, an employer must submit to the Pension Fund for the district.

Note, for the last day in Chuvashia recorded 80 new cases of coronavirus infection, of which 45 recovered, no deaths. Since the beginning of the year killed 15 people. Daily gain of new coronavirus infection remains high. Since the beginning of the pandemic recovered 1476 patients.

Text: GTRK “Chuvashiya”