Right now, you might consider the Lexus UX. Raised driving position, comfortable (for the size), reliable and offering very correct handling, the UX is a hybrid. It does not need to be recharged, but you will still save a lot of money (6 L/100 km according to Natural Resources Canada). For comparison, your Q5 (you don’t mention the variation) consumes more than 9 L/100 km according to tests conducted by the federal authorities. By doing so, you will help reduce air pollution.

Luxury brands (especially European ones) require ongoing maintenance and, once the warranty expires, lead to costly repairs. A recent study conducted by Consumer Reports provides further proof. To stand out, luxury brands seek to innovate, sometimes to the detriment of reliability. The XC90 is, in its current form, a model at the end of its career. The Sino-Swedish brand promises a more modern version (EX90) fully electrified within a few months. But you want to get your vehicle quickly… That said, you could treat yourself to a vehicle with three rows of seats to carry out your activities, but is that really necessary? If so, you might consider a vehicle like the Acura MDX, a safe bet and a less expensive vehicle to maintain. On the European brand side, you could consider the Audi Q7. For a vehicle with two rows of seats, the BMW X3 or the Acura RDX are among the best choices.

At this rate and assuming that you will always ensure that it is properly maintained, your vehicle will probably have three or four years before reaching the “major expenses”, as you say. How much annually? Please note that the market value of your vehicle currently ranges between $7,500 and $10,000 (depending on the version, condition and equipment). This gives you a good indication of the total that should not be exceeded for so-called “major” repairs. According to CAA’s running cost calculator, the annual cost of maintaining your vehicle is approximately $1,800. This amount includes periodic maintenance and certain major repairs.

Excellent idea. Especially since your vehicle is still under warranty. This is a reliable vehicle.