Expert: coronavirus identified in the wholesale market in Beijing, more contagious

Coronavirus detected in the wholesale market in Beijing, probably more contagious than found on the seafood market in Wuhan at the end of 2019. This opinion was expressed by Professor of the Institute of Virology of the medical Department of Wuhan University Yang Janicu in an interview with the newspaper “huanqiu shibao”.

the Professor reminded that the official notification of a new virus, the health Committee of Wuhan made at the end of December last year, and by 17 January 2020 have already been identified 62 confirmed cases, which is very close to the number of already registered cases in Beijing. Currently, the number of tests performed is much larger, and the technical ability is much better, but the results have surprised experts.

According to the Professor, Beijing is now high summer temperatures are not conducive to the spread of the disease, and the epidemic in Wuhan was in the winter, when the conditions for the spread of the virus are most suitable. Winter in Wuhan had many patients that do not contact the seafood market, and now in Beijing all cases connected with the market, “Signpad”.

the Current situation in Beijing is different from what was happening in Wuhan the fact that China has accumulated considerable experience and have created defense mechanisms that were promptly taken necessary measures to control and combat coronavirus.

Professor Janicu recognized that research and development of vaccines is complicated by the emergence of new strains of virus and new outbreaks of the disease.

according to the scientist, if it is proved that the virus was imported with agricultural products, China will need to focus not on control of entry to the country people, but the customs and quarantine of imported products.

June 13, one of the largest wholesale markets “of Sinhali” in Fengtai, Beijing was temporarily closed after the detection of coronavirus on the Board for cutting by imported salmon, reminds RIA Novosti. The district entered the wartime regime.

on 14 June by the authorities in Beijing were tested for coronavirus infection 76 499 people, 59 of them and I tested positive. Currently, hospitals in the city are 79 patients with coronavirus COVID-19. Doctors assess the condition of one of them as critical, two as serious.