Experts have established who painted an unusual portrait of van Gogh

Experts on the works of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh set, who is the author of his strange self-portrait. It turned out that the work really was done by the representative of post-impressionism.

experts from the Museum of the artist in Amsterdam came to the conclusion that the portrait was painted at the time when van Gogh suffered a mental illness. The Dutchman created it in 1889, and in 1910-th, he was in the collection of the National Museum of art, architecture and design in Oslo. For many years the painting was in doubt that it was created by van Gogh himself, since the style and the palette is not consistent with the traditional manner of the artist.

In 2006, experts found that the painting belonged to two friends of the artist, but it was not clear how it got into their hands. In 2014, the study was joined by experts from the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They carefully studied the work and concluded that it was painted by the artist himself.

About the painting Vincent wrote in a letter to his brother Theo in September 1889. This proves that the painting was written during his first serious illness of the artist in a mental hospital, according to Artnet.

currently the painting is in the Museum of Amsterdam. In the cultural institution Oslo it can be seen only in 2021 after an extensive renovation of the Museum.

van Gogh for more than ten years, has created more than 2100 works. Most critics did not notice the artist before his suicide at 37 years of age. For many years Vincent lived in poverty, anxiety and mental disorders. Currently the cost of many of the artist’s paintings tens of millions of dollars.