Experts shared method for diagnosing serious diseases language

human Language can tell a lot about his health, say Australian dentists. They pointed to several warning signs that you should pay attention, writes Daily Mail.

So, specialists from the Centre for emergency dental care Sydney noted that the white coating on the tongue may indicate poor oral hygiene, but can also talk about what people smoke or immoderate use of strong drinks. This plaque is not dangerous, and usually can be deleted independently.

However, if the plaque is not lost, but stays to two weeks, you should consult a doctor because, perhaps, a defeat by a fungus, or leukoplakia (a disease characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes). But these conditions are treatable, soothe the Sydney dentists.

Dentists recommend have to see a specialist, if the language is swollen or partially lost sensitivity.

When the human tongue is red, this could indicate a deficiency of folic acid in the body. If in addition a sore throat, maybe it’s strep throat or scarlet fever. In addition, the “strawberry” appearance of the tongue may be the result of allergies. Bumps on the tongue can occur from spicy foods, and can indicate the presence of herpes.

Experts have given a few simple tips on how to avoid a number of problems and maintain the oral cavity in order. They recalled the need to brush your teeth twice a day and also clean the tongue with the reverse side of the toothbrush, eat less sugar, drink plenty of water, and also quit Smoking.