Experts told how to adapt to the working mode after the holidays

Experts believe that if a person is healthy, to adapt to normal work mode after the holidays can be for one day.

the doctor-the therapist Lyudmila Lapa gave the following recommendations. To Wake up and start the immune system, in the morning you must take a warm shower. Then triturated and dress warmly, as the weather is now very treacherous and unpredictable. In addition, many returning from a holiday abroad, can bring a variety of infections. Therefore, their health should be treated very carefully, reminds RIA Novosti.

you Need to be attentive to his diet, says the doctor. The first day will be very useful to please yourself with something tasty. On the morning of good cheer and start the operation of the vascular system of green tea with a piece of chocolate.

Leaving home, if possible it is better to abandon public transport and get to work by foot. This will invigorate the body and help to return to normal mode.

the Psychologist Ilya Sablin added that after the holidays the holidays should not be overloaded with work. It is better to start with simple forms of employment. It is recommended to abandon serious and responsible negotiations. First we need to remember to log in and then make tough decisions.