Facbook: moderator of Krylatskoye face a large penalty for inaccurate video about the coronavirus

300 thousand rubles for fake: the penalty threatened by the Muscovite, who in pursuit of the huskies posted unverified information about the coronavirus COVID-19. Before the woman was interrogated by the Investigative Committee.

the moderator of the “Krylatskoe LIVE” in Facebook looks flustered. Looks like a woman deeply afraid of the consequences that now threatened her personally because thrown fake.

on April 8, posted a video without checking the sources, the veracity, the video that the district of Krylatskoe in the orphanage room 17 were the bodies — or out of corpses, so to speak.

In social networks immediately rushed saying that in Krylatskoe night the bodies of the dead from coronavirus machines are taken. Now the woman repents, says that the moderators will leave, and when laid out, like subscribers.

“during questioning, she told investigators that is the moderator of a public group in a social network. Information is posted to attract public attention and new subscribers. Currently, investigators conducted a number of investigative actions. The investigation of the criminal case continues,” — said senior assistant head investigation Department of the IC RF in Moscow Yulia Ivanova.

the Criminal case about the public dissemination of false information — in the period of the pandemic, this article has become, alas, is particularly relevant. Recently another fecomercio, entrepreneur from Moscow, who covered his face with conspicuous yellow collar of the cloak, when it was delivered to the Investigative Committee, and which then during the interrogation, almost in tears, is also prosecuted under article 207.1. She allegedly said that in the capital drugstores protective masks, which should give away for free — this, they say, Chinese humanitarian assistance.

“we are very well informed about these people — that is, Roskomnadzor, and the Prosecutor’s office have excellent technical capabilities at their detection and control, as well as location. Therefore, all those who will make these fakes, most of them will be found and brought to justice,” says forensic lawyer, co-chair of the Guild of protection of medical personnel Asad Yusufov.

a Fine of 300 thousand rubles, and appointed a man from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which on arrival from Bangkok recorded and posted in the messenger video is about what the passengers of his flight allegedly did not provide masks and gloves. Although they still at the departure for free issued protective overalls. He admitted guilt and apologized.

the Penalty for 207 article can reach up to 700 thousand rubles. Or — all three years of restriction of freedom. For dangerous lie sick on the topic.