Facebook loses its market capitalization due to the loss of trust

U.S. stock indexes December 31, showed the highest decline in the past four weeks.

according to “Interfax”, about it the world community has informed the U.S. Department of Commerce.

the Agency also said that the goods trade deficit in November fell to the lowest level in 27 months. The negative balance amounted to 63,2 billion dollars, as compared with 66.8 billion dollars in October. While experts expected increase to 68.7 billion dollars.

31 Dec serious of all decrease in stock quotes of such companies as IBM and Facebook (-1,8%) and Walt Disney (-1,4%) and Procter & Gamble (-1,3%).

the Decrease in capitalization Facebook analysts explain the sharp criticism of the company by the founder and one of the leaders Salesforce.com Marc Benioff, who over the weekend in an interview with CNN said that the famous social network is the culprit of the “crisis of confidence” in society.