Facts and fakes: in Omsk locked the whole hostel because of one infected

300 thousand roubles of the penalty for a single coronavirus fake. Such punishment appointed to the inhabitant of Sakhalin, which is published in the Internet video on the alleged lack of safety measures for the evacuation of Russians from Thailand.

Insisted that the export of passengers flight Bangkok — Shanghai — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk did not provide protection. Well, anyway, they say, was negligent. Roller quickly dispersed on social networks, however, to refute all this was not difficult.

In the end, he feykomet quickly paid for lies. And quite a large sum: a note to all the rest. And those who believed in his fantasies. Although it is recognized that in some cases, yourself to separate truth from falsehood — is not so easy.

an Example of this is the news from Omsk. Said to have closed their doors a high-rise building with hundreds of tenants under the pretext of quarantine. You might think: duck in the spirit of the recent stuffing of “sealed entrances in the Kuban”. Here are just a Siberian story — true.

Violated the rights of residents of Omsk, which was locked in the dormitory on the street 11-I Cheredova? The question that now must be related to the Prosecutor’s office which began an investigation on the request of the residents.

According to residents, from 28 April to 11 may on the campus of the imposed quarantine coronavirus – because of the infected resident. But when the quarantine period has expired, the hawks never let out of the building. It turns out there was discovered one more case of infection and the quarantine was extended. And then the people’s anger could not be stopped.

Indeed, day by day the people more and more rushed into the street. Someone ran out of food, others ran into trouble at work. For tenants, they claim, did not provide even a document under which they are detained at home. Around the hostel put up a police – forced measure.

“the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, received a petition from the head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor youproviding a guard post near the hostel. Due to the fact that all the tenants of the judgment about the insulation in contact with the patient coronavirus infection. Provided protection of public order,” dryly commented the chief a press-services UMVD of Russia across the Omsk region Alexey Amandykov.

the Food was delivered to residents volunteers also help with the delivery of medicines and supplies. However, if based on “the Shawshank redemption” residents have found the secret paths and out of the quarantine zone. Argument one: we were never shown the documents on the basis of which we kept locked.

However, in the regional Rospotrebnadzor retort, saying the documents were all right, and the people themselves refused to meet them.

“the Residents threatened not allowed on the floors, refused to receive the resolution of the chief state sanitary doctor of the Omsk region, which is the basis for the organization of medical observation, for further examination on coronavirus infection and getting sick-list. As residents of a hostel did not allow a team of experts to conduct a final disinfection of premises,” — said in Rospotrebnadzor.

In General, the story turns out, or about irresponsible citizens, or about the violation of the constitutional rights of these citizens. Waiting for answers from the inspectors.