Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser triggered a small controversy on social media with a statement: “We have to reinterpret the term “home” in a positive way and define it in such a way that it is open and diverse. And that it expresses that people can decide for themselves how they want to live, believe and love,” said the SPD politician at an event organized by the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”.

“That would be a gain for social cohesion,” continued Faeser, who apparently found the quote so concise that she spread it herself on Twitter.

Objection then came from the Union and also from the FDP. “Why should the term homeland have to be “positively reinterpreted”? One can only wonder about Nancy Faeser,” wrote Steffen Bilger, deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.

The member of the Bundestag Linda Teuteberg from the FDP also countered on Twitter: “We don’t have to reinterpret terms. There are actually people with a positive, even complex relationship to their homeland. Liberal diversity of life plans does not require the use of any term for one’s own agenda. Long live the diversity of homeland love!”

Others joked under the minister’s post. “My home is Hesse. Is that negative?” Asked the entrepreneur Axel Wallrabenstein, who is a CDU member. WELT author Frederic Schwilden then replied: “My home is the Grill Royal”. The steakhouse “Grill Royal” is an in place in Berlin-Mitte.

Faeser’s predecessor Horst Seehofer had expanded the area of ​​responsibility of the Federal Ministry of the Interior to include the home complex in 2018 – also in order to dispute the issue with the AfD and to occupy it again for the center parties. Faeser is also the official Federal Minister of the Interior and Homeland.