Fake American soldiers staged a hunt for Czech women

the Scammers who are represented by soldiers and officers of the U.S. army, staged a real hunt for single women from Czech Republic, the Agency reports TASS reported citing local media.

As explained by the representative of the Metropolitan police Dagmar Groshkova, a criminal act approximately according to one scheme: posing as “an old soldier”, who want to retire and get married, then begin under various pretexts to lure his victims money.

for example, one of the attackers, who identified himself as the General of the armed forces of the United States, met with 39-year-old resident of the town Tachov, asked her to marry him for a husband, and then “military” and promised to retire and settle down in the Czech Republic. However, just to leave the army, he was there because she owed about 23 thousand dollars.

the Woman agreed to help her future husband, transferred the money, then the scammer stopped to communicate.

the Arc case occurred in a 41-year-old Czech woman. Met her soldier who claims to serve in Syria. With the salary he gets gold. Bars have no place to store, so the soldier wanted to give them to someone he trusts. However, you first need to pay the parcel from Arab Republic to Czech Republic is approximately 730 Euro.

the Woman realized that she was just trying to deceive and informed the police.