Fallen trees and smashed cars in the middle of a hurricane turned out to be a campground

it took Several hours Krasnoyarsk rescuers to assort blockages in the camp. During a night storm in the village of colon centuries-old pine trees fell on the tent where there were people. One person was killed and five others — were injured.

Demolished tents and broken-down cars — the consequences of the storm on the lake Masleeva. The storm struck in the night. In the midst was a tent camp. At that moment, rested there for 200 people. The lake came by families. A lot of children. One of the trees fell on the tent where there were people. A woman died and five others were injured.

the effects of the disaster all night eliminated the emergency workers. The wounded were sent to the hospital. Fallen trees also damaged about 20 cars. Many of them can not be reversed. A popular destination was closed to the public.

Forecasters warned that the disaster could repeat itself. Krasnoyarsk Krai is now at the junction of fronts. In the coming days on the territory of the region promised heavy rains, hail and wind storm.