Family attack: the daughter of the husband of the singer Valeria was an accident

the Daughter of music producer Iosif Prigozhin, the husband of singer Valeria, was involved in a road traffic accident. This girl told on his page on Instagram, uploading photos of what happened in the Stories.

the published picture you can see how in a taxi, which went to Danae Prigogine, drove into another car. According to her, has had some trouble on the first day. Danae said that he had left a half hour before the desired time, but in the end still late for work.

a Little later after the incident Prigogine commented on the situation. According to her, she’s all right, but such situations are. To get to work, she called another taxi.

Previously, a series of accidents befell the son of Valerie Arseniy Shulgin. An evil fate pursued him. In just two weeks, the young man got into three accidents.