Family Rabinovich of Tver recognized as the best large family of Russia

a Large family of Tver became the best in Russia on the show of Andrey Malakhov “live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. The winners were selected by popular vote. For this title fight 10 large families, inform “to London.”

the mom of the family Rabinovich manages to raise five children and start a business – she owns a chain of mini-hotels. Admits that he always wanted a big family, and purpose in this life reached. The chef in the family 10-year-old Seryozha, the best he get pancakes, so this dish always on the table at the weekend. Artem eldest son in the family, he is 16. He goes to the grocery store. On Misha, his responsibilities include the care of Pets. The youngest is 7-year-old girl is responsible for washing dishes. A 13-year-old Daria helps to cook and to keep order in the kitchen.

And in a family every child has their Hobbies. The boys do swimming, wrestling and chess. Girls — creativity and dancing. Common passion Rabinovich is a rest on the Seliger lake in tents.

Note that a gift from the “Live” family got appliances for the kitchen. Mother Natalia realized how much her social circle — because on the show they were supported by hundreds of people from different parts of the country and abroad. And later got called up and congratulated. Natalya Ryabikova believes that the secret of prosperity is an attitude towards life with optimism, and the greatest happiness — children.

Text: GTRK “Tver”