FAS: the risks of rising prices when the return of the coronavirus nausea can

Risks of price growth in Russia in the second wave of the epidemic coronavirus possible to stop, said in an interview with RIA Novosti head of the Department for combating cartels Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia Andrey Tenishev.

“the Situation with prices stabilized, complaints about the price are almost there. As for the second wave — specific risks are, but I would not exaggerate them, and we are able to stop them,” he said Tenishev.

After a surge in prices in March-April, inflation is back to normal, and even expected faster slowdown in price than predicted. At the end of the year inflation may be below 4%.

next time people calmer perceive the situation, and will not make unnecessary huge stocks of toilet paper, pasta, cereals, flour and sunflower oil, emptying shelves and inventory stores.

“People have firsthand experience that nothing is missing from the shelves — said Tenishev. They purchase products for the next few months, and then the products became cheaper and were lying on the shelves, but nobody bought them at a lower price, because everything is already purchased”.

In many ways, the growth of prices was provoked by the buyers themselves, and the shops and suppliers of goods, products have used excessive demand and, “in fact, we ourselves are punished,” — said the representative of the FAS.

Earlier, the Central Bank had expected annual inflation in Russia in 2020 at the level of 3.8–4.8 per cent. By the end of may, the Bank of Russia recorded the revival of the economy, which was accompanied by a strengthening of the ruble and the removal of restrictions. In the end, the price growth will slow after accelerating in April from 3.1% to 3% in may and the resulting rise of prices may be below the target.