2020 was a year that may likened to living in a movie. The only difference being that at this time we couldn’t skip to the end and see what was going to happen. The coronavirus swept through the world like an endless and merciless wave killing many in its way.

The wave, did not only kill human life it also managed to crash three quarters of all business as the whole world was at a standstill. Business came to a standstill and everyone was forced to stay at home for his or her safety. Many tuned to online casino usa games, while others tried to find ways to live on.

It seemed like a cruel joke to think that before this, it was united we stand and divided we fall. However, 2020 managed to rearrange all that to divided we survive and united we fall.

Fashion Comes to Aid

Despite all this, creative minds took the time to try and make the best out of everything. And the majority of the creative minds that was active during this time was the fashion industry.

The masks that people wore at first were out of fear of the virus were all bought. However, as the pandemic managed to stretch, the world of fashionable masks came to life.

In many places people were seen wearing masks that were matching the rest of their clothes. Other than this, there were masks that were made of material of famous fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton to mention but a few.

This serves to shows that while other business had to lie dormant and in fear, the world fashion was just looking for a way to seep through the cracks and make a slow but steady comeback. But if you visit casino online, you aren’t affected by the pandemic because you can visit them in your pyjamas.

As the masks became more and more fashionable, there was a certain sigh of relief that the world was now slowly coming to life. And this all thanks to the world of fashion that managed to bring a little light ion to a world that was slipping into darkness.