Fast food can be useful: the advice of a nutritionist

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina said that fast food can be useful. “Sweets” can be made at home using healthy ingredients. Thus, all brought fast food a bad name — TRANS fats, sugar, salt in a dish will not fall.

for Example, for home Burger, you can use whole grain bread, greens, chicken breast, Turkey. It is important to use a quality tomato sauce. Instead of fries you can make a baked potato in the oven — he will also be with a crust, advises the nutritionist. And instead of ice cream, you can make sorbet, mix in a blender with frozen berries and yogurt and sending it all at some time in the freezer.

Ready-made fast food you can also “transformirovat”, so it became more useful, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the nutritionist Solomatin. For example, choose snacks with greens or a salad to bring to a restaurant. The nuggets better not to eat the crust, and potato dishes in the fast food establishments it is better to give preference to potato wedges. In the Burger you can add vegetables, and one of the muffins to remove. The nutritionist also advises to take a lamb Shawarma — it is better to eat chicken. Also should take no mayonnaise, and tomato sauce. And of course, fast food need to buy only in the checked locations.