Fatal outcome: what do you say sober Efremov in his defense

soon to be held, the interrogation of Michael Ephraim, whose fault the accident killed people. Outside the ATC for the Central district gathered dozens of journalists. Everyone is expecting the arrival of either voluntary or compulsory of the actor. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 1” said the VGTRK correspondent Vitaly Karmazin. He also spoke about the newly discovered details of the incident.

the Journalist said that a few hours ago, the official representatives of the police made a statement about the upcoming interrogation of Michael Ephraim, where he will be presented the first charges. Article on which criminal case was brought in the morning were changed to more serious. This is due to the fact that the hospital died, 58-year-old victim Sergey Zakharov. “He died from blood loss. All night for his life fighting doctors of Institute Sklifosovsky, but by morning he began to refuse internal organs”, — said Vitaly Karmazin.

He also said that last night Mikhail Efremov held in ATC for the Central district. “The cameramen were able to film the actor looked out the window to smoke. By morning, Ephraim began to show bruises. Although after the accident he looked like the man who received injuries”, — said the writer.

in addition, according to the journalist, this night was to be held the first interrogation of the actor, but it was not. Lawyer Ephraim explained that this is due to some technical reasons. “But, most likely, all because of the overtly drunken state actor”, — said Sergey Karmazin. He noted that such state legislation is aggravating. This piano fatal accidents, which is supposed to 12 years of imprisonment.

meanwhile, the correspondent drew attention to one more detail: immediately after the accident, there was information that at the time of the accident in the car along with Ephraim, was still two actors: Ivan stebunov and Elena Vlasova, who allegedly did not stop EreMOV from the trip in a drunken state. However, on the morning of June 9 this information Stebunov and Vlasov denied. Now a word for the consequence, which is to ascertain the accuracy of this fact.

“When Yefremov still appear for questioning, he will have a sober look to assess the situation”, — concluded Sergey Karmazin.

As previously reported, yesterday evening on the Garden ring near Smolenskaya square Efremov while driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, left on a strip of oncoming traffic and on full speed has faced with cargo car Lada. The driver of the domestic car received severe injuries from which he died in the hospital. Examination and ample evidence showed that the actor was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.