The Federal Constitutional Court has confirmed the facility-related vaccination requirement. According to information on Thursday, the highest German court rejected a constitutional complaint against corresponding parts of the Infection Protection Act. “The very low probability of serious consequences of a vaccination is offset by the significantly higher probability of damage to life and limb of vulnerable people,” the Karlsruhe judges justified their decision. The further development of the corona pandemic with the omicron variant does not justify a different assessment. (AZ: 1 BvR 2649/21)

The so-called facility-related compulsory vaccination was decided in December 2021 in order to better protect particularly vulnerable people, for example in nursing homes. Since mid-March 2022, employees in clinics, nursing homes or medical practices have had to provide proof of full corona vaccination or recovery. Anyone who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons must also prove this. However, there is a problem with the implementation of compulsory vaccination. After the failure of a general corona vaccination requirement in April, calls to abolish facility-related vaccination requirements became louder.

More than 50 people moved to Karlsruhe, many of whom are themselves employed in healthcare professions. The court rejected your urgent application for the temporary suspension of compulsory vaccination in February.