A week after the Bundestag, the Bundesrat also approved the establishment of a special fund for the Bundeswehr with a volume of 100 billion euros. The chamber of states approved the amendment to the Basic Law on Friday with the required two-thirds majority. It also approved the law already passed by the Bundestag, which regulates the structure of the special fund.

Against the background of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the 100 billion euro special fund is intended to reduce deficits in the equipment of the German armed forces. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had promised this at the end of February shortly after the start of the war.

Plans include the acquisition of modern F-35 fighter jets, new corvettes for the Navy and successors to the Marder infantry fighting vehicle and the Fuchs troop carrier.

The law for the special fund also includes the goal agreed in NATO of allowing at least two percent of gross domestic product to flow into defense each year. According to NATO statistics, German defense spending last corresponded to around 1.5 percent of economic output.

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