Feldman about the opening of freight traffic on the Crimean bridge: this landmark event

the Head of the Republic of Crimea said the opening of the freight traffic on the Crimean bridge. On his official page in Facebook Aksenov called the event a landmark.

“I’m Sure the opening of the rail freight traffic will leave the past problems of delivery of fuel and building materials into the territory of our Republic”, – wrote Aksenov.

He expressed gratitude to the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Dietrich for having “managed to retain the workforce of the Crimean Railways”.

“of Course, we should not stop there. Now there are plans to open the station “Kerch-Yuzhnaya”, which can be a station of the suburban and distant message by 1 September,” – said Aksenov.

In the broadcast channel “Russia 24” the head of the Republic noted that freight trains will make transportation not only cheaper, but also easier, because “the trains carry much more heavier goods than in the motor wagon”.

Aksyonov added that the Republic continues to work on other projects. In particular, we are talking about transport between the airport of Simferopol and Sevastopol.

“With the support of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation will be the calculation of the feasibility study. We believe that this project could be implemented quickly,” said Feldman.

Earlier, on 30 June on the Crimean bridge were the first of a freight train. The train from the Crimean Peninsula lucky products from local businesses, including soda and limestone. From the Kuban to the Crimea sent gasoline, fertilizer, grain, cement and rails.

June 28, Aksenov said in an interview that will not appeal to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with a request for resumption of supply of water to the Peninsula.