Fell, lay for a long time on the street: dead the lead singer of

In Moscow under strange circumstances died a former member of the “140 BPM” Yuri Abramov. He was 47 years old.

Producer and member of the group Sergey Konev told TASS that according to preliminary version Yuri walked into the shop, slipped, fell and hit his head. It happened on January 9.

According to Konev, Abramov spent a long time on the street, he had partial frostbite. When the musician was taken to the hospital, he cut the hematoma out of my head, but could not save.

Konev also said that he recently had a serious head injury that might have aggravated the situation. It is possible that he really fell himself.

Although, according to the producer, the police have a version that Abramov could beat. However, while it is not officially confirmed.

meanwhile, as noted, Life, the musician played sports, participated in advertising campaigns of famous brands and performed and the parties – in particular, as a DJ Beat MC Ura.

Established in 1999, a group of “140 BPM”, is best known for the hit “Poplar”, Abramov left in 2002.

According to preliminary information, the musician was buried on 11 January in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, where he lived in recent years.