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Fictional stories or truthful revelation? In the Network appeared the book of Bolton about trump

Fictional stories or truthful revelation? In the Network appeared the book of Bolton about trump

a Court in the United States was allowed to publish a controversial memoir, former adviser to trump John Bolton despite the efforts of the presidential administration, which tried to prevent publication. Trump announced that all talks with the President belong to the category of state secrets. Meanwhile, the pirates leaked the book in the Network.

an Experienced businessman Donald trump is not used to losing. In case of failure, the main thing — to pretend that it was meant to. While thousands of copies of the book his former national security adviser are prepared for distribution to bookstores, the President is doing a good face on a bad game.

“we Have a great solution in the case of John Bolton. The judge made very strong statements about classified information. All the money that Bolton will work on the book, get a state. He will sell a lot of books. Well, to be honest, I hope a little bit. But whatever he’s selling, he will return the money to the Treasury. This is a great solution. It is obvious that the book is already out, and all information flowed. But he revealed classified information. So he is now a big problem,” — said the President of the United States Donald trump.

the Problem, obviously, and trump, at least reputation. At a campaign rally, the President pretends that there is no books there. But it is already clear: the 600-page work titled “the Room where it all happened: a memoir about the White house” shows the White house with new and unexpected sides. The sale has not started yet, the Network appeared informal publication. Authenticity and integrity cannot be confirmed. But it already interested around the world: Russia, for example, there is mentioned one hundred and fifty times.

“Specific actions such as economic sanctions taken by the administration of the tramp was really quite hard. As for his evaluation of Putin, he never expressed his opinions, at least to me. I never asked, what do you think of trump, perhaps fearing that I can hear. His personal view of the Russian leader remained a mystery,” writes John Bolton.

If you believe the Bolton, President trump is very concerned about the contacts and contracts of Russia with the countries of the West. The money should pay in the budget of NATO, giving Moscow. “Russia holds us all for fools,” quoted in Bolton, President.

“trump continued: “It is very sad that Germany concludes a huge deal with Russia in the field of oil and gas. We protect them, and they make a deal and give all the money Russia… Germany completely controlled by Russia. It’s been a few decades… We will have to do something, because we are not going to put up with it. Russia is holding Germany on the hook,” says John Bolton.

the Geopolitical vision of trump in the presentation of the Bolton appears explosive cocktail. Some of the allegations began to refute even before the book’s release: for example, the fact that trump has reportedly asked XI Jinping about helping with re-election for a second term. Trading the current White house adviser Peter Navarro says that was in the room during a meeting of leaders and similar words are not heard. Trump for his part says that the whole book consists of lies and fictional stories.

Critics promise Bolton “unpleasant awakening” — the defeat from both sides. Right — for what was divulged. On the left, for refusing to testify in the case of impeachment. Meanwhile, attempts to ban the book only make it additional advertising.