Field investigators have stopped activity of an organized criminal group which recovered the weapons during the war

the Echo of the war. Employees of the Federal security service stopped the activity of an organized criminal group which was engaged in the recovery of weapons during the second world war, found in the ground fighting. This was reported by the GTRK “Saint-Petersburg” in the air “Russia 1”.

Participants was 13 people from 6 Russian regions, including Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. During the operation, investigators seized 77 firearms foreign and domestic production. Arsenal were a rich man: 6 guns, 2 machine guns, three 30 revolvers and pistols, the same number of carbines and rifles, and 12 pistols, machine guns and more than 20 grenades 100 kg of TNT and about 13.5 thousand rounds.

in addition, it was discovered 5 underground workshops where weapons and came back to life. On this fact initiated preliminary examination.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”