Fiji’s journey in the OFC Men’s Nations Cup 2024 continues as they secured a spot in the semi-finals after defeating Samoa. The team, led by coach Robert Sherman, displayed a dominant performance against Samoa, who will now exit the tournament at the group stage.

The match started with Setareki Hughes from Rewa FC scoring a goal in the early minutes, showcasing his skill and precision. The trio of Hughes, Thomas Dunn, and Roy Krishna posed a constant threat to Samoa with their speed and attacking prowess. Dunn and Krishna further extended Fiji’s lead with two goals towards the end of the first half, putting them in a comfortable position going into halftime.

Despite Samoa pulling one back early in the second half, Fiji maintained their momentum with Krishna converting a penalty to increase their lead. Hughes continued to shine, scoring his second goal and assisting in another one for Filipe Baraviala. The Fijian team’s relentless attack led to a total of nine goals, with contributions from various players including Nabil Begg and Etonia Dogalau.

With their place secured in the semi-finals, Fiji will face Tahiti in their final group stage match before heading to Vanuatu for the next stage of the competition. On the other hand, Samoa will look to regroup as they prepare to face Papua New Guinea in their final match.

The upcoming matches promise to be exciting as the competition heats up, with Fiji eager to make a strong statement in the semi-finals. Stay tuned for more updates on the OFC Men’s Nations Cup 2024 as the teams battle it out for glory on the field.