Filatov, the head physician of the hospital: number of hospital admissions in patients with COVID went on to decline

the Flow of patients in a Moscow hospital with coronavirus infection COVID-2019 reduced. It said the chief doctor of city clinical hospital №15 named after O. M. Filatov Valery Vechorko in a live program “60 minutes.”

According to him, for the day today in the hospital received a total 125 patients.

“There is a small decrease of infected COVID. Despite the fact that the average number of patients two to three weeks ago, there were 160-170 people. But there were days when it was over 300 people a day,” he said.

as for intensive care patients, there are 138 patients, 40% of them connected to the ventilator. Respiratory failure usually develops in patients K2 and K3, which have more than 25% of the affected tissue.

“If in a person’s lungs do not gas exchange occurs, it is transferred on a ventilator,” explained the doctor.

Vechorko Also noted that in recent times if necessary, they use facemask therapy in order to prevent hard parameters of mechanical ventilation.
the Physician reported that the Filatov hospital one of the largest in Russia.

“there are three buildings, one of them the hospital,” said Vechorko.

“at any time since March 29, was hospitalized for over 700 mothers, born about 140 children, of which two are twins”, he said.

with regard to the transfer of a coronavirus from mother to child, in the hospital not recorded such information. “Not passed”, — said the doctor.

Vechorko added that the doctors of the Filatov hospital operate on a convenient schedule. “Shift 7, 12 and 24 hours”, he continued.

As he said, every employee of the medical facility interviewed about the more convenient mode. “The doctors of our hospital may choose to choose their working time,” he said.