First-grader fell into a coma during a training session in the pool in Vsevolozhsk

the Young resident of Vsevolozhsk swallowed water during a workout in the pool. From a condition of clinical death it brought arrived the doctors, he is now in a coma. The boy is prepared for transport to the hospital in St. Petersburg.

the accident happened about five o’clock in the evening on 15 January in the pool of the fitness center “Olimp” on the street Heroes. According to investigators, 39-year-old coach at whitewater decided to carry out activity with children under the age of 10 years, was helping her 24-year-old instructor.

the footage shows how one of the coaches jokingly pushes children into the water, and they are trying in every way to wet an adult. All the students quickly got to the rim, and a boy of seven was left in the water. Noticed it only after 10 minutes, but the first-grader couldn’t coach, nor the medics arrived. The victim was taken out of clinical death, but he remains in a coma. The boy is ready for transport to the Regional children’s clinical hospital in St. Petersburg.

a criminal case on the fact of rendering services not meeting safety requirements, and entailing by negligence the infliction of grievous bodily harm or death. Maximum sanction of this article — till six years of imprisonment. Coaches detained to ascertain the circumstances of the accident.