Fisheye and the explosion of the implant: how to avoid becoming a victim of plastic surgeons

recently in the chronicle of incidents often appear messages about failed plastic surgeries which sometimes lead even to death of patients.

the TV channel “Russia 1” Dr Alexander Myasnikov and expert in the field of plastic surgery Catherine Kudimova spoke about what the fears are unfounded, and how to avoid becoming victims of charlatans.

Kudimova says that the most frequent transactions – on the chest and nose.

the Doctor says, in particular, the myths associated with breast implants and debunks some of them — in particular, that the patients were allegedly not to give birth after such operations, and the risk of cancer.

Kudimova notes that the scientific world is working to make these implants as safe for our body.

She notes that there are complications as in any surgery, but this depends on equipment operation. “If done correctly, no problems,” — says the doctor.

According to her, education of the capsule of the implant can occur, but it happens very rarely.

she Also dispels the fears and myths about blepharoplasty. Some women fear that it may deteriorate eyesight and inflamed eyes.

Kudimova emphasizes: “If the operation is made competent expert, of course, blepharoplasty (surgery of the eyelids) decreased vision and even more of some inflammatory processes will not.”

Another question, the expert said that people fear the effect of so-called “fish-eye” – some changes in the appearance and look.

“it is Very important during the upper blepharoplasty done to correct the cutting, and then the eyes are round or fish will not” — says plastic surgeon.

She noted that if the surgeon has the proper education in their specialty, the damage to these structures is almost impossible, and complications are very rare.

“Traces of any plastic surgery should not be noticeable on the face. And I always say, if you are asked who operated on you is not a compliment to me. The operation must not be visible on the face,” says Catherine Kudimova.

Doctor butcher, for his part, adds that “a person must be to shape”, therefore it is necessary to monitor the weight and their physical condition.