TV “T24”, “Living planet” and “My planet” announces the annual competition aerial “Fly-and-shoot”. This is a contest video clips, taken exclusively from a drone.

the contest has three categories: “Extreme Hobbies” – race cars, rafting with rivers, fishing, extreme sports, unrealistic and dangerous profession; “Nature and her lived” – the beauty of nature and observation of animals; “City and journey” – towns and cities day and night, construction sites, urban entertainment, roads.

editor in Chief of TV channel “My planet” Nicholas Tabachnikov notes that a few years ago it was impossible to imagine that shooting from a bird’s flight will be available to all. Before him had to hire helicopters, spend tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of rubles.

“Now shooting with a camera is a usual thing not only for professionals of TV, but for and everyone who blogs or just travels and captures the process on video. So technological progress radically before our eyes change the reality!” said Tabachnikov.

According to the chief editor of the TV channel “Living planet” Maria Morgun, of nature photography top most beautiful and romantic. “Top manages to shoot and show that close we can’t see or what not to get, she says. — I very much hope that our viewers from all over the country become our reporters and share with us the beauty of their favorite landscapes.”

“the View from the top is not a trivial view for a person. Therefore, it is wildly interesting and beautiful!” – chief Director of TV channel “T24” Maxim Ivanov.

submissions accepted until 31 August. The contest results will be announced on September 15. The winners in each category will receive 100 000 rubles.