Flying to Murmansk passenger liner back in Pulkovo due to bad weather

the Plane of airline “Russia”, taking off from Pulkovo airport to Murmansk, was forced to return to St. Petersburg due to the bad weather. As the representative of the carrier in Murmansk on 22 January there is heavy snow accompanied by wind.

“the commander of the flight 6345 decided to go to the alternate aerodrome due to meteorological conditions at the airport of Murmansk” – quoted by TASS representative of the airline.

If the weather at destination in the near future will improve that the ship will fly there later, said the spokesman.

According to GTRK “Murman”, Murmansk airport closed for reception and release of aircraft to 22:00 Moscow time. Up to this point will be cleaning the runway from snow.

As previously reported, on the morning of 22 January, in the Murmansk region due to meteorological conditions blocked the Federal highway “Kola”. Rescuers had to rescue stuck in the snow drivers. On the track was deployed to the heating point where people can survive bad weather.

Meanwhile, due to the worsening weather closed the international airport Perm (Big Savino). This was reported by “Interfax” press Secretary of the airport Evgeny Kuznetsov.

He said, air Harbor does not accept and does not send planes due to snow and strong winds.

According to Kuznetsov, the airfield airport service is translated to the strengthened operation mode. All such equipment abandoned for clearance of the runway, but to put it in proper condition until weather conditions permit.