Fog caused the collision of 20 vehicles on the highway

One person was killed and four were injured in the collision of two dozen cars on the highway “don” in the Adygea Republic, reports TASS with reference to data of Republican management of traffic police. An eyewitness took video of the consequences of an accident.

at About 07:30 am on January 17 under the Adyghe occurred just six accidents. In the presented footage can be seen of the wrecked cars, “Gazelle” and broken on the bumper of the truck.

Initially it was reported that he faced 15 to 18 cars, according to the latest data, there were 20. As a result of incident one person was killed and four were hospitalized with various injuries. On the scene left the Minister of internal Affairs of Adygea Republic the General-major Vladimir Alai.

the Reason for a massive crash could be fog and ice. Movement on an emergency site is difficult, a traffic jam.