Fog, ice and wind: bad weather caused dozens of accidents throughout the country

a Massive accident occurred today, January 17, in Adygea on the highway “don”. Immediately faced 34 cars, two people were killed. The culprit was heavy fog and ice. Today’s weather was the cause of dozens of accidents across the country.

the Route of the Orenburg — Orsk. Drifting snow, zero visibility, and later a snowstorm and icy rain, but even worse a strong wind — more than twenty meters per second. He just blew off the car on the curb and provoked the accident. Although the MOE has warned of worsening weather in advance, rescuers and municipal services had to evacuate dozens of cars. The movement on this site was banned. Later closed and the road to the border with Kazakhstan. About eighty cars were blocked at the checkpoint.

a Similar situation occurred in the Novosibirsk region. There is also a strong snowstorm, the wind and low visibility. On duty round the clock enhanced group MOE — 100 people and 15 vehicles. Ready 24-point heating and power on the 780 people. The movement, however, is not closed, but limited on six plots. Some of them even before this happened a few accident — is lost.

Around noon on the Federal highway R-254 “Irtysh” in Kochenevsky district of the Novosibirsk region has occurred there have been three accidents. They involved nine vehicles, including a bus in which there were 22 passengers. None of them was hurt. This accident was the reaction force of firefighting and rescue part №62, and the forces of the Siberian rescue center, which produced the release of two victims in the truck,” — said the head of the press service of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Novosibirsk region Paul Vinakov.

In the Altai Republic all services are also working in the mode of increased readiness. Due to the weather conditions and several accidents closed more than a dozen trails, including the Federal. Several hundred cars can’t go from Pavlovsk.

“Snow storm will last in the region in this part of the country until Saturday morning, January 18. After that will come a short-term improvement of weather and decrease in temperature. The area of stormy weather will go further East and on Saturday will cover almost all of Khakassia and South of Krasnoyarsk region”, — said the expert of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene Tiscover.

Authorities and rescuers advised not to travel by car. The Minister of transport of the Altai territory has decided to remind once again about this people. Appeal to drivers he recorded standing on one of the tracks under a strong wind. The words in the video, hear the bad, but the message is clear.

the South also increased the number of traffic accidents, but not because of snow — there’s a lot of ice and fog. In the area of Adygeysk, for example, immediately faced about fifty cars. Two people were killed and 12 injured, including two children.

“There are still members of this of an accident that is delivered in different medical institutions. Their doctors, then it will be concluded, then we look at the number of victims, this figure may change. According to preliminary data, the main reason was the fog and ice”, — said the head of OIOS MVD po Respublike Adygeya Bizet of Galesco.

the Fog also caused flight delays from Krasnodar. Now flights again restored and the situation on the roads is also stabilized, the return of the mists promise on the weekend, and, together with the rain. The inhabitants of Siberia, the end of the snow storms will have to wait a few more days. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the cyclone, which brought bad weather, will go away only to the 19th of January, but after that snowfall, though not as strong, will continue.