Footrest European allies: the U.S. decision to exit the DON was struck by NATO

the Russian foreign Ministry received a diplomatic note of the US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. The claims of Washington to the agreement, our Ministry has called “unacceptable and senseless” and stressed that the United States once again engaged in misinformation. In Moscow said that Russia will remain committed to the Treaty, in that it was supported by more than ten European countries, including Germany, Finland and Poland. How and why Washington wants to close the sky?

On the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies Donald trump announced before flying to Michigan to the Ford plant. Company once invented the conveyor belt, and the current us President put on stream the abolition of international agreements.

“we Have very good relations with Russia, but it is not adhered to the Treaty. As long as Moscow does not begin to comply with its conditions, we will emerge from it, but there is a very good chance that we will sign a new contract,” said Donald trump.

In 2017 in the sky over Washington was flown by veteran Soviet Tu-154. On Board, as prescribed in the agreement, was the representative of a country over the territory through which you made the flight, that is, the officer from the Pentagon. If it was a surprise, it is only for American television.

that day the Tupolev climbed to the sky twice. The second flight took place over the Bedminster, the new Jersey. Now he’s trying to pass for one of the reasons for withdrawal from the agreement, because it was allegedly carried out surveillance of a location of the trump.

it is certainly not in the observation of trump with his Golf clubs. Americans want to fly over really important for Russia’s defense capability areas in Kaliningrad region. So Yes, that whole civil aviacraft have to close for a day. That is why Russia was forced to limit there the length of the observation flight distance of 500 kilometers after such incident with the poles.

the Second stumbling point — the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Does the United States spoiled their allies. Georgia banned the flight of Russian inspectors over its territory, so that the measures of the mirror, but still blame Moscow.

Once in the U.S. are offended by the fact that to refuel they have allocated the airfield in the Crimea. The American aircraft in the Russian sky appeared much more often, approximately eight times a year taking our territory.

“the Russian side has a very clear and long-articulated claims to the Americans. This refusal to grant permission for a departure from the American air traffic regulations, and much more,” — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova.

Here are just a couple examples. In 2016, the US threatened the lives of the crew of the Russian plane An-30 — has not provided the required number of intermediate aerodromes. Threat to the security of observation flights were undoing the rest of the Russian crew on the ground “Robins” and “Ellsworth”. To negotiate such things, the contract actually provided for a special Commission, but the United States it is not addressed.

“trump and his advisers systematically destroyed by these agreements, referring in particular to their failure to Russia. However, if you look at trump’s approach to these issues, it is to destroy everything completely and does not create anything in return,” — commented the Director of NGO “Group on nuclear crisis” (the Nuclear Crisis Group) Jon Wolfsthal.

And after the break the Americans agreement, which conceived them President Dwight Eisenhower in 1955. Signed an agreement in 1992, Russia ratified it in 2001, but to fulfill became early. The 34 countries he helped to cope with mutual distrust and reduced the risk of miscalculations that can lead to catastrophic scenesarias.

the United States is runing European allies. Without American data may remain members of NATO. About adherence to the Treaty on open skies was announced by the British, the Germans and the French, and Tarnowskie opponents, the Democrats quickly introduced a bill to Congress prohibiting the exit from international agreements. Without them, that is lawmakers ‘ approval, agreement on open skies is nothing more than a fundamental agreement on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range or open trump to shreds the Iranian nuclear deal. The last major document that supports the strategic stability that start-III, but its fate in the fog.

“Even the very term “strategic stability” Americans prefer not to use it. Talk about some stability in competition, that is, deliberately tuning in for further confrontation,” — said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov. Involved in it and China. According to the newspaper Politico, the US is supposedly going to offer Russia to renew the start-III for a short period of time Moscow tried to join the Beijing to a new agreement. As for the Treaty on open skies, in its current form it will last another six months, until November.

While all goes to that in the red will the collective West. The possibility for NATO without the US will become much more modest, but the sky over the American military infrastructure in Europe to the Russian observation flights will still be open.