For a series of programs about theatre GTRK

the film Crew GTRK “Altai” won the award in the field of literature, art and folk art. The creators of the award-project “Theatre of Altai”.

As reported by the GTRK “Altai”, the author of the project is Evgeniy Panin, Director Alexey Sazonov. A series of programs was shown on the channel “Russia 24”. The material of the 12 films tells about the history of theatrical arts that began in the Altai 244 years ago. Then now in Barnaul, the Theatre house, by the way, the first in Siberia. The story managed to recover the photos and documents from the archives, and memoirs of contemporary artists.

Note that, in the opinion of the expert Council, which evaluated the projects submitted, the work GTRK “Altai” is recognized as a highly professional and rightfully deserve to be called the best.

Text: GTRK “Altai”