For concessional loans to doctors and families with children $ 22.5 billion

the state will reimburse the lost income of banks issuing preferential loans to families with children and providers. The necessary changes to the subsidy rules of credit institutions approved by its decree the head of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

the Grant will receive the Russian credit organizations that offer loans at a discount of 10 percent from car cost to families raising at least one child, healthcare workers, and pass the old car in trade-in the payment of the initial fee. For residents of the Far East discount should be 25 percent of the price of a new car.

the Maximum value of the car that you can borrow, increases from 1 million to half a million rubles. The goal is to make modern spacious vehicles are available for large families.

the Only new program to 2020 aims to 22.5 billion rubles. The program should not only help to buy a car for those who need it, but also to support the Russian automotive industry on the background of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.