For COVID-19 found in the textbook beginning of the last century

the TV channel “Russia 1” Dr Alexander Myasnikov told about the advice for the treatment of coronavirus infection from a textbook of the last century.

“I love to read old medical books. This “Diagnosis and therapy”, published in 1919. Open the section “Treatment of pneumonia”, then there was no antibiotics, and listen to how well written, amazing!” – said Myasnikov and compared advice from an old tutorial with the modern methods.

in the treatment of viral pneumonia, comparable to Coveney infection middle course, then advised to place the patient in a spacious room, where “clean and not too dry air”. This is now the doctors say that humidity is a prerequisite for the termination of reproduction of the virus, recalled butchers. The doctors of the past also suggest “nourishing liquid food, thermal baths, be wary of dust, to harden, to do breathing exercises”.

Only one Council of physicians, 1919, has been criticized by Myasnikov – a “recommended wine in moderation”. “Well, what to take, wild men, they have then really about the dangers of alcohol didn’t know about the small doses, too,” – concluded the doctor.

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