For orphans in Voronezh buy apartments over 91 million rubles

Voronezh orphans will receive 55 apartments over 91 million rubles in the framework of the program “Social support of citizens”. Auction documentation is published. It is reported STRC “Voronezh”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

this specifies that the housing should be located in the regional capital and only in new homes. The purchase will be financed from Federal and regional budgets is based 42,4 thousand rubles per square meter. In addition, the area of the premises shall not exceed 39 square meters. The winner of the auction will give the apartment to the regional authorities in the period up to September 30.

In terms of trading it is also agreed that housing should be landscaped must be finishing, plastic Windows, entrance and interior doors, stove and plumbing. The auction is scheduled for July 10.

Recall that in the Voronezh region currently expect flat 2.8 thousand orphans. In mid-June, Chairman SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has charged to understand why the line moves so slowly.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”